Hichki - An animation shot

Story board shots 

The project aims to explore the vivid imagination of a child’s mind. Their inventive mind is characterized by their lack of distinction between the real and unreal. Sometimes their imagination leads them to develop unnecessary fear and anxiety. This fear can be short-lived, but unnerving to the child. But as the child grows older, a better understanding of cause and effect, and reality verses fantasy is acquired. A child’s fear depends on his/her level of nervousness, past experiences and imagination. This film tells the story of a girl whose fear triggers her to imagine being in an unreal situation, and her state of fear morphs into something gigantic. She anticipates more trouble because of her wrong eating habits which she had indulged in behind her mother’s back. The events span across the extremes of this imagination and towards the end convinces her that in reality there is nothing to be scared of.