Saturday, April 10, 2010

" Two Sisters"
This is my second work in "Oil color" . My style is quite much changed from the first one. I think i was very much inspired by great artists skill and art style. I was a bit more confident in this one and put oil colors with more of freedom,actually all over the place which was quite unexpected.
Heaps of life! 
 48" *38", Oil on canvas
 I painted this work in my final year .This work is is in continuation to one of my oil paintings .In this painting also I want to show the burden or the chaos the lines are creating on which our city life or the concrete jungle is situated.
 Under the Shade!
Composition in Wash Technique, "Water Colour"
 Sleeping beauty!

Half imperial, Baby in pencil shading
 Lady portrait
Half imperial sheet, Portrait in Pencil
In college the Models used to sit and we have to take our positions around him so as to capture his expressions in which ever view we got.I still remember the students use to come as soon as possible to capture a nice seat with respect to the model other wise the whole day went in fighting for seats but was fun.I did this Portrait in second year. Most of the drawings in second year are in pencil, dry pastels,or oil pastels.