Hindi expressive typography explorations

Expressive Typography in Latin

An attempt to bring out the meaning of the words referring to powerful images and colours with hand drawings on paper. Words like:  Brave, Research and Submarine.

Assignment: The task was to understand the meaning of the word and try expressing by the meaning. You can try changes in orientation, size, position, style, weight, width of the font and also can also explore the grey values.

Purpose:- To discover how the meaning of a word can be enhanced by the right choice of fonts, font size, orientation, letter spacing, weight variation and composition in a visual field.

"Nervousness" expression using Century Gothic

"Repetition" in text expression 2 iteration using Myriad typeface

Shock in 3 different expressions of same font Myriad

Confusion expressing Confusion  

Showing the Vanishing text in 3 Different expression of Myriad

Blowing away in 5 different expression of Myriad 


Cutting away expression in 5 styles

Expression of words

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